The mileage run game

I love to travel, and I travel a lot. I’m not one of those road warriors who flies to Asia or Siberia every week, or even one of those guys who bounce around on regional jets, making two or three sales meetings in remote corners of the country from one day to the next. … More The mileage run game


Three point turn

The good news: LAX renovations seem to be about done. The place looks way better than the last time I passed through, and the United Club is about as good as it gets with United. More food options than I’ve seen at any to date, and plenty of space. I would like flying into Phoenix … More Three point turn

Back in the Air

So this was the blog I abandoned a couple years back . The intention was to document my travels – especially that related to the accrual of mileage and status on United Airlines, since that’s where my status is. Since my last post was on Christmas day of 2016, and we’re creeping up on Christmas … More Back in the Air

Taipei 101

This is my second mileage run to Taipei. EWR-SFO-TPE-SFO-EWR – all in less than three days. I had visited Taiwan as a college student, but it can be a bit intimidating to navigate an Asian city on your own. That said, Taiwan is especially English friendly… … More Taipei 101