Overwhelmed by the Travel Blogosphere

It’s Christmas morning and I’m sitting on the veranda of our balinese suite in a serene little resort near Port Douglas, Australia, overlooking the tropical rainforest, and in the distance, the Pacific Ocean – home of the Great Barrier Reef. An atypical Christmas day, to be sure.

Our journey down the eastern coast of Oz has afforded me a bit of time to become acquainted with the tweets, blogs, and various other endeavors of others who fancy traveling the world, leaving behind a trail of memoirs and musings along the way. I began this blog as a journal of sorts to document my penchant for getting on airplanes just for the sake of collecting the miles. But all said, while some of my travels are as utilitarian as that, other journeys are work related, and a few, like this one,  are real-honest-to-god see the world adventures.


But as I’ve come to find out, there are a bazillion travel blogs out there, and maybe a kazillion more Twitter and Instagram accounts where authors have followers numbering in the tens of thousands. How does one choose a handful of blogs to follow? And if a Tweet is posted, but never gets a “like,” does it really exist? While my previous blog about clothing-optional vacation destinations has a somewhat defined, if not finite audience, what does one contribute to the grand abyss of travel blogosphere that hasn’t already been done, said, and reposted?

With that, I remind myself that the greatest catharsis in blogging is the creation of a travelogue for my own enjoyment. Something that will help me remember, “Ah right, Brazil in 2016, and Thailand the year before that.” And if along the way, I meet a few interesting people or find a few interesting places that I wouldn’t have stumbled into on my own, all the better.

In the meantime, a quick visual recount of 2016…

And, in case you’re interested, you can  click through to my Trip Advisor reviews, despite the fact that many are now a bit dated…

tripadvisor_logoOr you may wish to  click through to my YELP reviews, where for a while there, I was on a rampage to review every airport on the planet. Hoping to get back to that in 2017.

Yelp_Logo_No_Outline_ColorSafe travels to you in the coming year, whether that be by plane, train, steamship, or armchair.


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