Back in the Air

So this was the blog I abandoned a couple years back . The intention was to document my travels – especially that related to the accrual of mileage and status on United Airlines, since that’s where my status is. Since my last post was on Christmas day of 2016, and we’re creeping up on Christmas day of 2018, I though I might at least recap this past year, as I have some cool itineraries coming up, and I think I’m ready to get back in the air.

Flights in 2018:

January: EWR-NRT-SIN-(HKT)-SIN-LAX-EWR = 19,075 PQM – Leisure

January: PHL-ORD-IND-ORD-PIT-IAD-PHL = 3,178 PQM – Work related

January: PHL-ORD-NRT-IAD-PHL = 14,205 PQM – Work related

March: PHL-IAH-PHL = 2,648 PQU – Work related

March: EWR-LHR-FRA-MRS-MUC-IAD-EWR = 9,733 PQM – Work related

March: EWR-CUN-EWR = 4,641 PQM* – Leisure

May: EWR-SFO-HKG-SFO-EWR = 18,958 PQM – Mileage run

May: EWR-CDG-EWR = 7,298 PQM – Work related

June: EWR-ATH-(HER)-ATH-LIS-EWR = 10,049 PQM – Leisure

July: EWR-BRU-MRS-MUC-GVA-IAD = 9,790 PQM* – Work related

August: EWR-MAD-(PMI)-MAD-EWR = 7,214 PQM – Leisure

September: EWR-EDI-EWR = 6,526 PQM – Work related

September: EWR-FRA-MRS-FRA-MRS = 8.740 PQM – Work related

September: EWR-BNA-EWR = 1.496 PQM – Work related

October: EWR-ORD-EWR = 1,356 PQM – Leisure

*Bonus miles for fare class on one or more legs

So that’s quite a lot. A good mix of business and leisure travel this year, and not so much mileage running, though I do have a quick trip to Thailand coming up before the end of the year just to bulk up the account a bit and make 150k for 2018.

Here are a few pics “from the air.”


Mileage accrual Y-T-D: 136,627 PQM

Lifetime Mileage to date with United Airlines: 1, 464,691




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