Dreaming of a Thai Christmas

The mileage run game is a tricky one. Sometime I can simply modify an itinerary to make things more interesting than they really need to be. But sometimes, I just need some downtime by a pool someplace where my time zone is out of sync with most anyone who is looking for me at that particular moment. That was one of those.

Here’s where I think I am on this particular itinerary:

Mainly a leisure trip: EWR-NRT-BKK-HKT-BKK-NRT-EWR

Mileage accrual for this trip: Not sure, but I think 19,238 PQM + whatever I get out of the Thai Airways jumps.

Lifetime Mileage to date with United Airlines: (Codeshare doesn’t count for MM!): 1, 485,865


What I learned on this run…

  • Trying to sleep in United Economy Plus is impossible, even on international flights. ANA and Thai seat pitch and configurations are much more conducive to snoozing.
  • Despite the fact that I had stayed there before, it took me forever to find the signage to the NKK Novotel airport hotel. You have to go to level B – which stands for “basement.”
  • Lots of bed boxes springing up in Thailand. That’s a thing, I guess.
  • Intentionally booked with Thai to stay in the Star Alliance and avoid JetStar and AirAsia. No turning back. Worth every penny!
  • That said, Thai Royal Orchid Lounges seem to be competing for the worst lounge award. Visited several on this run. Food was sparce; booze was absent.
  • Thought eheck-in at Phuket (HKT) domestic would be easy-peasy since it was a domestic flight. Nope. TWO baggage screenings, and nothing that resembles a bar once you make it to airside.
  • Was also struck by how difficult it was to make a transfer from a domestic Thai flight (HKT-BKK), then pick up an ANA flight to Tokyo for a UAL connection. Had to check in with ANA in person, which meant going back out into the mobs at BKK, then making my way back through immigration and security. Allow three days, minimum. <sigh>
  • The ANA lounge at Narita is the best, especially if you took the day to visit a Japanese onsen (hot spring) during your long layover. Love this airport.

Upgraded to EWR. Will be good to be home.




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